Multiple Teams · Volunteers for Filming and JV Football Tasks Needed

As we begin a new year, we are making a few changes on game days.  We need some volunteers to do the following tasks.  These could be filled adult or high school student.
1) Someone to film the endzone view of our varsity games.  This person would set up the camera at the games and then film from the endzone throughout the game.  It is a 25 foot tall pole on a tri-pod that has a camera at the end, with a viewer and controls down at eye level.

2) Someone to film either from the stands or in the press box for the JV games.  We want to get all JV games filmed for the kids to view this season.  This would be each saturday of the season.  If you can only do a few, still let me know.

3) Someone to announce at the 5 home JV games.  This could be a very fun job while still being able to watch the games.

Please respond to Coach Decker at if you have any interest or questions.  Thanks so much.

Coach Decker