Girls Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · Student Athlete of the Week- Ada Bicego and Hanna DeOliveira

In an effort to showcase the tremendous student athletes we have in our Woodridge community, we have continued our “Student Athlete of the Week” program which highlights one outstanding student athlete from each of our High School Varsity programs throughout the school year.  The program is made possible through a partnership with Suzanne Upton Photography.

This week’s Student Athletes are Ada Bicego and Hanna DeOliveira!

This year, our School District and the Girl’s Basketball team have had the honor of hosting two exchange students from Brazil, Ada Bicego and Hanna DeOliveira.  Coach Nauer says the girls have blessed the program with their involvement this year. Coach Nauer says “Ada comes to practice each day with a smile on her face while giving 100%. She pushes herself as well as her teammates to reach their highest potential and is a natural leader on and off the basketball court.”  Coach nauer added that “Hanna, despite battling a few different injuries throughout this season, she has not missed a practice or a game and has enjoyed being a part of the team and making the most of her year in here in America.  We are fortunate to have both of them involved in our program!” Congratulations to Ada and Hanna and good luck to the entire team as they finish off their regular season this week.  We will do a small recognition for our Exchange students prior to Wednesday night’s home game vs. Coventry at 6pm!