Bulldogs News · Continuing our Discussion on Education Based Athletics- Defining Success

We want to WELCOME you and say thank you for committing to education based athletics in our community.  Throughout the 2019-20 school year, we will send out department wide messages that will help to better define our mission, purpose and overall reason for existence as an Athletic Department.  These messages will be a mix of older messages (we want to refresh for our families who have heard it before or bring to the attention of new families) and also new messages and topics which we feel are important to inform the community about.  We hope you enjoy these and they help to better define what education based athletics looks like.

Our first message is in relation to defining success.  Enjoy!

It is our hope that this message will help better define what success really looks like within the Woodridge Athletic Department. However, before we define success, we must first realize that we are an education-based athletic department.  Remember that the education-based approach to athletics revolves around the idea that the coaches and leaders of our after-school athletic programs emulate and align their policies, procedures, and teaching practices with those emphasized by our teaching staff, tutors, counselors, and administrators each school day.  That way we are able to reinforce the values and skills which prepare our student-athletes for success beyond high school.

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