Varsity Sideline Cheer Fall, Varsity Sideline Cheer Winter · Student Athlete of the Week- Shakira Nowden

In an effort to showcase the tremendous student athletes we have in our Woodridge community, we have continued our “Student Athlete of the Week” program which highlights one outstanding student athlete from each of our High School Varsity programs throughout the school year.  The program is made possible through a partnership with Poiema Photo.

This week’s Student Athlete is Shakira Nowden.  Shakira is a junior member of the Woodridge cheerleading program.  Cheerleading coaches Tetyana Bissell and Amy Rogers said of Shakira: “Shakira was selected as the cheerleading candidate to represent the athlete of the week because her leadership and dedication to the team and program is unmatched.  As only a junior, Shakira has been a varsity cheerleader all three years and is a member of the competition team. Shakira continues to challenge herself by attending clinics and additional training for stunting and tumbling outside of her responsibilities with the team. She sets an outstanding example for her peers both on and off the court.”  Congratulations Shakira and best of luck to her and the rest of the cheerleading team as they continue throughout the rest of the season!