Philosophy and Goals of Interscholastic Athletics


  • The Woodridge Local School District believes that athletic activities are a privilege and a part of the general school program.
  • We believe students have no absolute right to participate in athletic activities, but a privilege that is strongly encouraged. The additional time and requirements of such activities demand each student attain and maintain his/her best possible physical and mental condition.
  • We recognize the use and abuse of mind-altering chemicals as well as alcohol and tobacco is a significant health problem for adolescents, against the law, and will affect the development of the skills necessary to successfully participate in athletic activities.
  • We believe athletic activities make school more rewarding. Adherence to certain codes of behavior and academic standards enhances an individual’s quality of life.


We believe the GOAL of Interscholastic Athletics is to:

  • Effectively develop skills of student-athletes through strong and meaningful coaching.
  • Adequately prepare student-athletes to be competitive with other teams of the same skill level.
  • Put student-athletes in a position to succeed.
  • Offer a dynamic educational experience to student-athletes outside of the classroom in order to develop life skills that will be valuable in the future.