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Cross Country Varsity Letter Requirements

Varsity Letter Requirements

In order to earn a varsity letter in cross country, the following will be considered:

  • Student-Athletes must adhere to the attendance policy as set forth in the Pre-Season Packet
  • A student-athlete will earn a varsity letter if they meet any of the following requirements:
    • Record a time that is among the top SEVEN (7) in the program in a minimum of 75% of the scheduled events.
    • Record a time that would be in the top 50% of the varsity field in any competition on four (4) separate instances.  The varsity field is defined as the top 7 runners from all the teams represented in a race.  For example, if there are 174 TEAM scorers, the 87th time in this race would be the standard for the day.
    • The coaching staff may award a letter to a student-athlete for other circumstances.  For example, four years of productive team membership could merit a letter.  Injury-shortened seasons may also be addressed here.