Varsity Football · Varsity Football beats Field High School (Homecoming) 42 – 21

21 * Field High School (Homecoming)
42 Woodridge High School
Away   Home
Away Home
* Field High School (Homecoming) vs Woodridge High School
21 42
1 -   7
2 -   21
3 7   14
4 14   -

Box Score:
Q1 6:48 W Mekeal 4 yd TD Run, PA Good Laughorn
Q2 10:42 W Cody 1 yd TD Run, PA Good Laughorn
Q2 6:34 W Mekeal 20 yd TD Pass to Cody, PA Laughorn Good.
Q3 7:53 F McAmis 1 yd TD Run, PA Good Boarman
Q3 4:55 W Goodyear 38 yd TD Run, PA Good Laughorn
Q3 1:46 W Arnett 85 yd Fumble Recovery for TD, PA Good Laughorn
Q4 10:17 F McAmis 58 yd TD Pass to Culbertson, PA Good Boarman
Q4 3:40 F Reinhard 47 yd TD Run, PA Good Boarman

Full Statistics:

It’s Homecoming at Woodridge!

A nice cool, damp evening as we start the game, Woodridge receiving left to right. No rain at the moment! Woodridge eats up almost half a the quarter by land and air and eventually scores on the ground with a 4 yd Mekeal scamper.

Field mounts their own drive, running the quarter down to a minute left and must punt. It’s Woodridge up 7-0, 1st and 10 from their own 13, with 50 seconds left in the first quarter.

A great drive, carried into the 2nd quarter from the 50, ends with a 1 yd TD run by Denver Cody. Laughorn continues to kick extra points like it’s his job.

Another half a quarter goes by and Woodridge works down the field and, taking advantage of a full house blitz by Field, tosses a gentle screen to Cody, who plows in for a TD from 20 yards out. Woodridge up, 21-0 with 6:34 in the half.

As the quarter pushes on, Woodridge fakes a punt and Laughorn makes the first down. Two plays later, Mekeal finds Martin wide open down the middle for a 37 yd TD. Laughorn pops off another PA, and it’s 28-0 at the three minute mark in the first half.

Q3: Woodridge kicks of to Field, only 2 pts away from a running clock. However, Field pushes their way down the field, assisted by a couple personal fouls against Woodridge, and eventually scores. 28-7 Woodridge, with 7:53 to go in the 3rd.

Woodridge quickly drives and answers, ending with a 38 yard scamper by Goodyear.

Field was ready to score again, but an option went wrong, and Arnett scooped it up at the 15 and sprinted 85 yards, untouched for the TD.

The clock was running continuously, but not for long. Field’s McAmis finds Culbertson for a stunning 58 yard bomb over the left side. 42-14 Woodridge.

Woodridge is looking to be done, but a personal foul gives Field a chance, and they capitalize and score from 47 yards right up the middle. 42-21 Woodridge, who needs to close this up.

Woodridge runs the ball, eats up the last few minutes, and heads to homecoming.