Varsity Football · Varsity Football defeats Coventry in OT 34-28

34 Woodridge High School
28 * Coventry HS
Away   Home
Away Home
Woodridge High School vs * Coventry HS
34 28
1 -   7
2 7   14
3 7   -
4 14   7
OT1 6   -

Full Stats:

Box Score:
Q1 1:23 C Hinzman 7 yd TD Run, PA Baker Good
Q2 10:17 W Cody 18 yd Run, PA Laughorn Good
Q2 7:00 C Arnold 1 yd TD Pass to Starcher, PA Baker Good
Q2 0:21 C Watson 87 yd TD Run, PA Baker Good
Q3 7:34 W Mekeal 41 yd TD Pass to Snyder, PA Laughorn Good
Q4 11:26 W Goodyear 5 yd TD Run, PA Laughorn Good
Q4 6:35 C Arnold 29 yd TD Pass to Duty, PA Baker Good
Q4 5:37 W Goodyear 14 yd TD Run, PA Laughorn Good

1st Quarter:
Very slow, very cold, like the air. Neither team is stunning anyone, and it’s Coventry who scores first on a 7 yd TD run with 1:23 to go in the quarter. By the end of the 1Q, Woodridge is driving 1st and 10 on the Coventry 40.

2nd Quarter:
Woodridge continues their drive and ties the game with 10:17 left in the first half, 7-7.
With very little time off the clock, Coventry answers back and scores after a long drive, making it 14-7 with 7:00 to go.
Woodridge works down the field to tie it but falls short.
On the next series, everyone figured Coventry would just take the 14-7 lead to halftime….but Coventry’s Watson busts an 87 yard TD off of Hinzman’s block and goes to halftime with a lead over your Bulldogs 21-7.

3rd Quarter:
The cold mist has turned into a cold rain as the bands have entertained the crowds during halftime. Down 7-21, the Bulldogs had better emerge from the break as a different team with a different plan.

1st possession Woodridge punts.
Coventry is forced to punt as well with 8 minutes to go.
Woodridge works down the field and then Mekeal finds Snyder down the left sideline, Snyder making an crazy catch and prancing in the last several yards. Laughorn makes the PA and Woodridge is withing a score, trailing 14-21.
With 1:39 to go in the 3rd Woodridge stops Coventry on the W 30 and takes over.
The quarter ends with Woodridge looking to tie the game, 2nd and 3 from the Coventry 8.

4th Quarter:
Goodyear, having carried the ball down the field to give the Bulldogs the position they have, carries the ball for a hard 3, giving Woodridge a 1st and Goal on the 5. On the next play, Goodyear’s number is called again, and after a Laughorn PA, the game is tied 21-21.

At 6:35, Coventry finds paydirt on a 29 yard TD pass on 4th down. Woodridge now looks to tie it before they can win. The rain is steady, the clock is ticking. Neither team has conceded.

Goodyear takes Woodridge down the field for a quick score. It’s tied again with 5:37 to go.

It’s been a heated 4th quarter, and a very exciting final few moments, ending regulation with a field goal attempt to win the game by the Bulldogs, but it was blocked.

On to overtime.

Coventry gets it at the 20, and goes 4 and out. Woodridge gets their first chance now.
On 3rd down in OT1, Mekeal hits Arnett quick on the right side, and Arnett drags two defenders into the endzone to end the game.